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Moxa DLM Service

A cloud-based service for centralized management and monitoring of connected devices, enabling efficient control, updates, and maintenance

moxa-dlm-service-image-(1).png | Moxa
moxa-dlm-service-image-1-(1).png | Moxa

Features and Benefits

  • Centralized management of distributed devices using an intuitive web GUI
  • Secure zero-touch provisioning based on pre-defined configurations
  • Real-time monitoring of device statuses
  • Easy remote diagnostics for devices
  • Over-the-air (OTA) software updates
  • Event notification service
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Moxa DLM Service is a centralized platform designed by Moxa to efficiently manage and monitor distributed Moxa devices across various sites. With features for centralized monitoring, software updates, configuration management, and remote access, the Moxa DLM Service simplifies operations for IoT applications. By reducing management efforts and ensuring security, the Moxa DLM Service enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of IoT deployments.


An overview of the statuses of all registered devices, their locations, and all warning/alert events in the past 24 hours can be viewed via a dashboard for efficient monitoring of devices.

Status Monitoring

Through the DLM Agent installed on Moxa devices, predefined data such as system status and configuration is transmitted to the Moxa DLM Service. Real-time monitoring is also available on demand Additional charges may apply if the data plan budget is exceeded. for specific situations.

Configuration Repository

To quickly configure Moxa devices, users can define multiple configuration files for different purposes. These files are stored in a configuration repository and can be deployed as needed.

Software Repository

All compatible upgrade packs and applications, including legacy versions, are stored in a software repository. You can specify the software that you want to deploy at specific timeframes.

Remote Access

Devices registered with the Moxa DLM Service can be accessed remotely from anywhere via a secure virtual private network (VPN) tunnel. All remote access sessions are logged for auditing purposes, including the user identity, time of access, and duration.

Event Notifications

Events generated by the Moxa DLM Service or devices are logged and you can configure to notify designated recipients, such as email accounts or services capable of receiving webhook notifications.


Moxa DLM Service enables secure device data management by supporting:

  • X.509 certificate for each device to communicate securely with the Moxa DLM Service

  • Functions bcrypt and salt for password protection

  • Regular vulnerability scans

  • Privacy and GDPR compliance

  • Max Number of Registered Devices


  • Data Storage Duration

    90 days

  • Max Number of Device Events

    10,000 events / device / day

  • Max Traffic for Remote Access

    100 MB / device / month

  • Max Number of Email Notifications

    100 emails / account / day

  • Supported Devices

  • Supported Devices

    Note: For up-to-date information on the products supported by the Moxa DLM Service, visit our website.
    Please visit to sign up for the service if you are using it for the first time. For additional details, consult your product's user manual.

  • Service Terms

    3 years of free usage per device from the initial registration date
    Note: For enquiries regarding the Moxa DLM Service, contact your regional sales representative.

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