Simplify Digital Transformation of Your IIoT Systems

Rapid globalization and digital transformation have led to industrial operators adopting IIoT applications to enhance operational efficiency and maximize revenue. Moxa provides secure, reliable, and easy-to-manage edge-to-cloud IIoT solutions that can effortlessly transform your data into actionable insights. Our robust and cloud-ready IIoT gateways, with value-added functions and long-term OS support, are ideal drivers for digital transformation.

Why Moxa

With capabilities such are resume file transmission, over-the-air (OTA) upgrades, and Secure Boot, the AIG series gateways, located in remote sites, can be upgraded and maintained to ensure their continuous availability and effectively protected against cyberattacks. The gateways also come with built-in recovery functions to enable rollback to a previous stable firmware version for uninterrupted network connectivity and system stability at remote sites during unplanned shutdowns or a system crash. The ThingsPro tool simplifies the bulk provisioning of IIoT gateways and remote software upgrades.

Mission-critical applications require an IIoT gateway that is both reliable and robust. Moxa’s IIoT gateways are designed for distributed smart industrial applications in harsh operating environments including solar power, smart grids, oil and water tanks and pipelines, and railway wayside. Industrial certifications, such as the CID2 and ATEX, qualify the gateways for use in industries that require certified products.


Leverage Moxa Products in Your IIoT Applications

  • Enhanced Security Against Vulnerabilities
  • Configurable Data Transmission
  • Azure Device Twin Integration

Moxa IIoT gateways are designed for long-term operation. The gateways come with a rich variety of Moxa proprietary utilities, libraries, and tools to accelerate your IIoT application development. Gateway models that use Moxa Industrial Linux (a Debian distribution) come with 10-year software life-cycle support, which provides five more years of fixes for both bugs and security vulnerabilities as compared to standard Debian OS.

With IIoT applications all the rage today, the gateways that sit between the “things” and the Internet have become extremely important. A gateway acquires data from sensors and actuators in the field and enables smooth flow of data from the edge to the cloud. To ensure the stability of the data flow, all aspects of the system, including data acquisition and transfer, message payloads, and message publishes at set intervals for cloud applications, must be properly configured.

Azure IoT Hub provides a device twin, which is a digital replica of your device. The device twin has the same characteristics as the physical device and presents device metadata along with the last reported state, including the device status and configuration. Moxa IIoT gateways integrate Azure’s device-twin to facilitate better communication and device management, enabling applications to easily interact with their digital counterpart on the Azure IoT Hub. Device twins can also be used to monitor device processes such as firmware updates.