Navigating Maritime Cybersecurity Challenges

Embark on a transformative maritime journey, where cargo tracking, decarbonization, and operational efficiency take center stage. Safety remains paramount, driving global investments to address challenges like fuel efficiency, port capacity, delays, and cyberthreats. In an era of rapid digitalization, cybersecurity emerges as a critical concern, demanding real-time data transmission to help safeguard vessels against evolving cyber-risks.

Compliance with global regulations—including IMO (International Maritime Organization) Resolution MSC.428(98), IEC 61162-460, ISO/IEC 27001, ISA/IEC 62443, IEC 60945, and now, IACS Unified Requirements (URs) E26 and E27—ensures adherence to stringent cybersecurity standards in the maritime industry. In this dynamic landscape, data-driven strategies propel safety enhancements and operational optimization.

The Importance of Data in Maritime Operations

Data is the compass that guides maritime operations—enabling advance route planning, collision prevention, and energy management for intelligent vessels. Port automation is inevitable in order to reduce waiting times and automate critical operations. Data processing and analytics underpin performance optimization, predictive maintenance, and anomaly detection. From enhancing safety management to streamlining efficiency, data-driven optimization and innovations are evolving every facet of maritime excellence.

Our Certified High-performance Solutions to Enable Your Smart Ships

As the maritime sector undergoes a digital revolution, converging Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT), adherence to global regulations is paramount. Amidst these challenges, the emergence of smart ships underscores the critical role of data. Moxa takes the lead by offering cutting-edge maritime-certified solutions, including ones certified by DNV, ABS, LR, NK, and BV. Our portfolio of high-performance cybersecurity solutions encompasses OT data devices, marine IPCs, networking solutions, and remote monitoring and management platforms. We ensure cybersecurity across data collection, storage, transfer, and processing—providing comprehensive support for your real-time data needs. Our solutions benefit the entire supply chain—serving owners, operators, and shipbuilders alike, reducing cyber-risk from single vessels to entire fleets.

  • Seamless Maritime Data Management
    Facilitate uninterrupted data flow with end-to-end solutions and infrastructure, ensuring seamless communication and accessibility across the maritime network
  • Comprehensive
    Safeguard vessels' cyber-resilience through secure real-time connections, compliance with regulations, and strengthened defenses with our IEC 62443 solutions that provide robust protection against evolving cyberthreats
  • Integrated OT Network Solutions
    Our comprehensive networking solutions meet E27 requirements to establish secure data infrastructure and enable seamless process visualization both onboard and ashore, enhancing operational efficiency and safety across the maritime environment

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