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Feed The Future: Achieving Zero Food Waste

Food insecurity remains a widespread problem in the United States. Approximately 42 million people lacked adequate access to food for a healthy and active life, according to Feeding America’s report in 2020.


On the manufacturing side of the food and beverage industry, downtime can contribute significantly to food waste. Processing plants that handle delicate and time-sensitive products are particularly susceptible to this issue.


This article looks at the steps Ambassador Controls, a prominent manufacturing automation solution provider, is taking to reduce food waste at manufacturing sites. The company aims to efficiently address breakdowns at each site, ensuring timely resolutions, and minimizing potential food waste in a cost-effective manner.




  • Food processing plants run equipment 16 to 20 hours daily. Downtime in manufacturing is unavoidable, leading to increased food waste.

  • Ambassador Controls company sought a more efficient way to deliver timely technology support across sites. Previously, on-site personnel were dispatched to troubleshoot and resolve problems.


  • Ambassador partnered with Moxa to deploy a secure remote access solution. Moxa Remote Connect (MRC) gateways were installed on manufacturing equipment panels, enabling easy and secure remote diagnostics, maintenance, and troubleshooting, regardless of the location.

  • A user-friendly interface enables both on-site manufacturing operators and Ambassador’s engineers to access specified devices and connect to an MRC gateway easily with role-based control.


  • According to Brian Msal, Director of Engineering at Ambassador Controls, day-long waits are things of the past as they now have instant access during emergencies.

  • Implementing remote access helps Ambassadors’ engineers cut their travel carbon footprint. 

  • By preserving more food and minimizing production downtime, the company helps customers reduce the amount of wasted food.

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