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Product Repair Service/RMA

Product Repair Service Process

Before Creating an RMA Request

  • Read and understand our warranty policy.
  • Note down the product serial number and MAC address; you will need this information when creating an RMA request.

For products that are found to be defective within 3 months of their shipping date from Moxa, please refer to the Defective On Arrival (DOA) process.

Create an RMA Request

  • Provide your product information.
  • When requesting an RMA service for multiple products, each product will be assigned its own RMA case ID, but the products can only be returned to the same address.
  • For details, see Product Repair Service / RMA Operations Guide.

Return the Product to Moxa

  • Include a printout of the RMA request form with the product.
  • Do not ship accessories such as cables unless they have issues.
  • Back up your data and settings before sending your product for repair.
  • Include the following statement on the shipper's invoice: "Goods without commercial value are being returned for repair". Without this statement, customs officials may levy additional charges.

Service Agreement

Moxa undertakes to repair products as per the terms and conditions stated below:


  • Moxa will not charge to repair products that are under warranty.
  • The warranty period for a product varies based on the category of product and the parts that need repair or replacement. Check the warranty policy for details.
  • Moxa will charge to repair products where the warranty period has expired, or have damage that is excluded from the warranty coverage (view exclusions).
  • The Customer is responsible for the cost of shipping the product to a Moxa Service Center and for any additional charges incurred, and Moxa is responsible for the customs duties in connection with the importation, if any.
  • Moxa will cover the cost of shipping the repaired product back to the customer and for any additional charges incurred, and the Customer is responsible for the customs duties in connection with the importation, if any.


  • Moxa will charge to repair products in the out-of-warranty period, or have damage not covered by the warranty.
  • If repair charges will be incurred, Moxa will send a pro forma invoice listing all charges, and will wait for Customer approval before performing the repairs.
  • The Customer is responsible for the cost of shipping the product to a Moxa Service Center and back to the Customer's address after repairs, including any additional charges, such as customs duties.

After a product is received at a Moxa Service Center, it may take a few weeks to diagnose the problem, repair the product, and ship the product back to the Customer. Moxa will ship all repaired items along with a repair report that details the findings and actions taken.

Moxa will not take responsibility for and cannot guarantee:

  • The return of product accessories that were shipped to Moxa without an associated RMA number.
  • The retention of any data stored in internal and/or external storage devices shipped with the product.
  • The safe transit of the product. The Customer agrees to insure the product for its transit or take responsibility for any loss or damage to the product during transit.


Cybersecurity reminder:

The Customer shall remove all confidential/proprietary data from the product before sending it in for service. Moxa will not be responsible for any loss of or unauthorized access to the data contained in the product. In the event that the Customer is unable to remove all confidential/proprietary data from the product, it shall contact Moxa and follow the instructions to complete the necessary setup before sending the product to Moxa.

Questions? Please see our RMA FAQ
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