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Connecting at Every Pivotal Stage to
Make the World Better

Connecting to Accelerate Digital Transformation

Aging populations, limited land resources, climate change, and environmental preservation have become pressing concerns in modern-day societies. The good news is that digital transformation and its “digital capabilities” offer a new frontier of solutions. The term ‘digital’ encompasses more than just ‘information technology’ (IT); it now includes the digital strategies of governments and businesses worldwide, resulting in the convergence of OT and IT to drive industrial digital transformation.

The increasing value of OT data has led users to prioritize raw data quality, understanding its critical role in safeguarding industries and our lives. For over 35 years, Moxa has been at the forefront of connecting OT data for many governments and industry leaders. We develop reliable data connectivity solutions that enable seamless connections, communication, and collaboration between various automation devices, systems, processes, and individuals. Ultimately, this leads to industrial transformation in a connected economy, paving the way for a smarter, safer, and better future.

PEA and Moxa Power Up Economic Growth for Smart Cities in Thailand

The Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) is supporting the “Energy 4.0” initiative to turn cities in Thailand into smart cities. Therefore, PEA partnered with Italthai Engineering and Moxa, an expert in IEC 61850-based power substation automation systems, to drive the digital transformation. Through this collaboration, a manual process for identifying power delivery issues has been transformed into an automated one, resulting in shorter power outages.


Envisioning a Greener Future

GreenPowerMonitor (GPM) is an industry-leading software vendor in the power sector, specializing in helping solar power plant operators harness the power of the IIoT. They are also behind the world’s first data monitoring platform to integrate distributed renewable energy resources and maintain demand-supply balance.

GPM’s decade-long collaboration with Moxa has provided reliable IIoT connectivity to over 2000 solar farms. The solution allowed the solar farms to prevent data loss, monitor energy generation, and predict renewable energy needs accurately.


Taking a Safe Train Ride Home

Chengdu Metro Line 3 provides optimized transportation for residents and visitors, easing urban traffic problems and providing convenient sightseeing options. TCT’s partnership with Moxa has ensured a high level of operational reliability and a low signaling system failure rate for the metro line since its launch in 2016. Moxa’s expertise also empowered TCT’s independently developed communications-based train control (CBTC) technology to significantly enhance operational efficiency and ensure safety for railway operations.


A Safer and More Efficient City of Lancaster, Today and Tomorrow

The City of Lancaster needed to build a new Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS) to transform into a smart city. This system enables the Traffic Management Center (TMC) to connect through a new fiber infrastructure to access valuable data, monitor operations, and remotely address issues with no on-site technicians.

Moxa’s solutions helped reduce the need for human intervention by 67% and improve response times for completing necessary repairs.


IIoT and ROI: Two Acronyms that Finally Come Together

KPMG leverages AI and IoT to help SMBs improve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), increase yield, build predictive maintenance, and migrate to the cloud. These strategies are designed to boost ROI.

KPMG collaborated with Moxa to use the IIoT to enhance the data management visualization. Following 18 months of implementation and testing, the customer’s OEE experienced a notable improvement from 70% to 83%. The solution effectively addressed the concers on long production cycle and high overtimes costs.


Cut Your Factory’s Idle Time by 70%

ECON's Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) system used Moxa’s ultra-reliable wireless communications to upgrade material handling processes by keeping their AGVs always on the right move and eliminating manual tasks. The approach optimizes the journey from raw materials to finished products, which takes up at least 70% of the total time to be spent on internal logistics.


Daily Life in Kenya Survives the New Normal

Covid-19 put a strain on domestic edible oil makers in Kenya, as they relied heavily on imported oil, which was greatly impacted by the pandemic. YNY Technology adopted Moxa’s cloud-based maintenance solution to provide remote service with robust security and accessibility features to customers with real-time technical support.


Turning Pollution Into Gold

Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) is a flammable, colorless gas found in oil and gas refineries and various other applications.

By combining Moxa’s rugged computers with Inductive Automation Ignitions’ SCADA software, Streamline Innovation achieved an IT-OT converged solution. Python scripts were used for machine learning, allowing for precise control, automation, data collection, and remote control. This solution effectively solved redox challenges and stabilized chemical processes.

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