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Case Study

Automating Home Appliance Manufacturing With TSN Technology

  • Application Home Appliance Manufacturing
  • Industry Manufacturing 
  • Region China


  • A home appliance manufacturer sought to boost efficiency, reduce production time, and optimize costs while staying committed to sustainability goals in the evolving smart manufacturing industry.
  • Dealing with increasing volumes of data, the manufacturer found it difficult to maintain performance and precision within their existing infrastructure.
  • The manufacturer approached Moxa to transform their network infrastructure, seeking to amplify efficiency, precision, and sustainability in their production processes.

System Requirements

  • Real-time, deterministic network infrastructure was essential to enable precise control and synchronization of production line devices and processes.
  • Superior performance was required to deliver high reliability, low latency, and deterministic traffic scheduling.
  • Efficient data transmissions were essential for supporting the integration of industrial cameras and the seamless transfer of large volumes of data.

Therefore, a scalable and futureproof network infrastructure was crucial for expanding production lines and integrating additional devices while maintaining network performance and reliability.

Moxa Solution

To ensure seamless integration with the production equipment and devices while prioritizing real-time data transmission and control, we designed and integrated the highly reliable TSN Ethernet switches. Tailored for industrial automation and plug-and-produce manufacturing, these switches improve existing automated production lines.

  • With the deployment of the TSN-G5004 and TSN-G5008 Series, which have optimized network configuration, the network can now accommodate industrial cameras and handle large amounts of data.
  • Engineers can set up the network to prioritize control packets, ensuring they reached their intended destination on time and free from interference.
  • With the TSN-G5004 and TSN-G5008 switches, the manufacturing company achieved real-time, highly reliable, and deterministic network communication, resulting in improved operational efficiency and productivity, showcasing the transformative power of advanced networking solutions in the industrial sector.

TSN Networks for Home Appliance Manufacturing


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