Case Study

Building Reliable Connectivity for Road Condition Monitoring


The Lithuanian road administration wanted to provide drivers with real-time road and weather condition updates on their website to improve the travel experience. To achieve this, a system integrator helped develop road condition monitoring systems across 500 stations in Lithuania. Each station had sensors and IP cameras installed at roadside cabinets.

System Requirements

  • Connect various sensors inside space-constrained roadside cabinets
  • Simple control logic to trigger alarms when needed
  • Receive real-time information through cellular networks

Moxa Solution

Our OnCell 5104-HSPA cellular routers, ioLogik E2242-T remote I/Os, and NPort 5150A-T serial device servers were used to connect these field devices and transmit both sensor and image data back to traffic control center via cellular networks. Our remote I/O features a smart function called Click & Go that allows operators to set up simple control logic rules during system operation without additional programming.

For smooth data transmissions, our cellular routers support 4 Ethernet ports to get serial, I/O, and video data online and built-in dual-SIM redundancy so that operators can create a backup cellular link in case one of the telecom services becomes unavailable.

Why Moxa

  • One-stop shop for serial device servers, remote I/Os, and cellular routers
  • Supports IF-THEN-ELSE control logic rules with our Click & Go function
  • Dual-SIM design for cellular link redundancy by providing a backup connection when one link goes down

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