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Case Study

High-Bandwidth Network Solutions Support Multiple Onboard Systems

  • Application Onboard Ethernet Networks
  • Industry Rail 
  • Region Ukraine


Ukraine recently overhauled its rail infrastructure to replace old electric trains manufactured in the former Soviet Union with brand new trains. The new trains are to be equipped with all the latest in rail technology, including digital real-time passenger information, passenger address, CCTV, and passenger Wi-Fi systems. All of these
systems rely on a reliable and high bandwidth network to operate, so they need the right high-performance mix of wired and wireless network solutions.

The Ukraine Railway used Moxa’s TN-5518** EN 50155 Ethernet switches and AWK-4121* wireless APs to create a Gigabit network backbone and Wi-Fi access. The wide -40 to 75°C operating temperature of the Moxa devices makes them ideal for withstanding the extreme environmental variations across the country.

System Requirements

  • High bandwidth communication for real-time video/audio transmission
  • Continuous system operations in an IP-based network
  • EN 50155 certified products for reliable operations on trains
  • Industrial-grade design to withstand extreme conditions

Moxa Solution

Moxa’s TN-5518** EN 50155 Ethernet switches were deployed to provide an IP-based network communication backbone. The Gigabit speed of this switch allow the backbone to support many different applications, such as video, LED display boards, broadcast audio, CCTV IP cameras, passenger information devices, and the public address system. AWK-4121* wireless APs are also connected to offer passenger Wi-Fi connections while travelling.

Two TN-5518** switches are installed on each car; eighteen switches throughout the entire train together form a Moxa Turbo Ring that features fast network recovery time of less than 20ms at a full load of 250 switches. This ensures a reliable network connection. TN-5518** switches also provide bypass relay functionality for high network availability. If one of the Ethernet switches fails due to power loss, its ports are bypassed with a relay circuit, and the transmission line will automatically interconnect to ensure continuous system operation.

In addition, both TN-5518** switches and AWK-4121* wireless APs are EN 50155 certified and support -40 to 75°C operating temperature, to guarantee reliable and stable operations in rolling stock environments.


Why Moxa

  • Gigabit communication for large volume of data transmission
  • Bypass relay function for network availability
  • Rugged design features with anti-vibration M12 connector and compliance with EN 50155
  • -40 to 75°C wide operating temperature

*Our AWK-4121 has been phased out and the replacement model is TAP-213.

**Our TN-5518 has been phased out and the replacement model is TN-5518A.

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