Pushing the Limits by Reinventing Network Technology

An inefficient network design can dramatically increase the cost of cabling, and for this reason, implementing a reliable network with nonstop network communication can have a big impact on future maintenance costs.

For a wind-power system integrator, the answer to their request was always a blunt "NO" until they approached Moxa. The customer faced two challenges: optimizing the system uptime and lowering the costs. Although Moxa was not their first choice, we were the ones to turn their ideas into reality by successfully delivering a faster recovery time under 20 ms for unlimited multiring connections.





  • Redundant Ethernet infrastructure with faster recovery time to reduce operational risks
  • Requiring long-distance and noise-immune transmissions
  • Reducing cable runs and time to save costs


  • Moxa Turbo Chain self-healing recovery technology with a recovery time under 20 ms for unlimited multiring connections


  • A highly scalable network that supports easy and hassle-free network expansions
  • One connection cable to adopt multiple redundant chains in the communication network
  • Live node expansion without system interruptions

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