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Case Study

Safeguarding an Energy Storage System

  • Application Energy Storage System
  • Industry Power 
  • Region France


  • Following the trend of decarbonizing the global economy, a grid-level energy storage system (ESS) builder is expanding its ESS capacity for renewable energy.
  • Its mission is to provide a reliable and affordable ESS, as this is key for grid operators to be able to balance power demand and supply during peak and off-peak times.
  • Thus, the reliability of the power grid through flexible power storage capacities, especially batteries, becomes essential.

System Requirements

  • The energy management system (EMS) monitors operations of the ESS in real time. It aggregates the data collected from the power conversion system (PCS) and battery management system (BMS) containers. The entire network needs to be protected from unauthorized access and any unexpected activity that may disrupt operations.
  • The security mechanisms need to be designed when containers are being manufactured in the plants to ensure the whole system can be efficiently deployed to the farm and grid.
  • As an ESS is often located in remote harsh environments, it is challenging to ensure reliability and security.

Moxa Solution

To protect the communications between the power plant controller and the PCS and BMS containers, we suggest stateful firewalls with Modbus deep packet inspection (DPI) deployed in between.

  • The EDR-810 industrial secure routers build the security boundary, and its Modbus DPI function safeguards the Modbus communication in between the systems.
  • With an all-in-one firewall/NAT/VPN/switch and network redundancy functions, the EDR-810 can help system integrators design the network architecture and expand connections more efficiently.
  • The EDR-810 was built to operate reliably on the harshest uncrewed remote solar/wind farms in dry and hot deserts, brutal offshore weather conditions, and even in the middle of the Arctic winter.

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