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Spurring a Clean Energy Revolution in Germany With Grid-optimized Charging

Electric vehicle (EV) adoption is increasing fast in Germany, the fourth largest auto market in the world. If EV charging loads on a specific feeder grow faster than anticipated, the distribution transformer that serves that load can quickly become overloaded. As a result, industry participants are eager to implement grid optimized charging. There are pioneering research and joint projects involving utilities and IT service providers to take on this challenge. One example is a low voltage monitoring project from MITNETZ STROM, the largest regional distribution system operator (DSO) in eastern Germany, and Robotron, a leading provider of software for connectivity and condition monitoring in cooperation with Moxa. Their goal: to get visibility into feeders and EV penetration trends.





  • The project sought to improve transparency for low voltage monitoring due to increasing EV charging demands.

  • Previously, the distribution system operator (DSO) could not monitor daily behavior of single feeder lines, which meant that the company lacked reference data and faced challenges in identifying necessary component upgrades.

  • Equipping each station with monitoring hardware and software would cost millions. The operator needed a cost efficient method of recording all relevant measured variables to guarantee network stability.


  • Robotron and Moxa are IIoT partners. They provide a joint solution with out of the box cloud connectivity.

  • Robotron uses Azure IoT Hub to ingest sensor data collected by a Moxa gateway and processed by Robotron's RoboGate software at the edge. A dashboard provides easy to interpret charts for the last 8 and last 72 hours.

  • Moxa's IIoT gateways enable zero touch provisioning, ensuring that authorized devices are connected to the correct system, simplifying integration and device deployment.


  • The DSO now has the information they need to improve maintenance and operational efficiency.

  • The solutions can be rolled out easily to other parts of the company's grid. Robotron is expanding the deployment to 65 sites, which will provide another 600,000 data points.

  • Viva la green revolution! The future of energy management is taking shape in Germany.

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