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ThingsPro Edge Series

IIoT gateway software for device-to-cloud connectivity

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Name Type Checksum Version Operating System Release Date
Software Package for ThingsPro Edge Series (v2.2.1 build 3369 for UC-8200 and UC-8100A-ME-T Series)
380.5 MB
Software Package
  • Moxa Industrial Linux (Debian 9)
Jan 25, 2022 Jan 25, 2022 Release notes
Software Package for ThingsPro Edge Series (v2.2.0 build 3366 for UC-2112, UC-8112, and UC-3100 Series)
327.3 MB
Software Package
  • Moxa Industrial Linux (Debian 9)
Dec 23, 2021 Dec 23, 2021 Release notes
Utility for ThingsPro Edge Series (ThingsPro Proxy)
68.2 MB
  • Windows 10
Jul 28, 2021 Jul 28, 2021 Release notes

Related Support Documents

Name Type Version Release Date
Datasheet for ThingsPro Edge Series
770.0 KB
Datasheet v2.1 Jan 24, 2022 Jan 24, 2022
Manual for ThingsPro Edge Series (user’s manual and API documentation)
492.3 KB
Manual v2.0 Dec 27, 2021 Dec 27, 2021
Tech Note: How to Configure Gateways in ThingsPro Edge Using Azure Device Twins
498.3 KB
Tech Note v1.0 Nov 19, 2021 Nov 19, 2021
Manual for ThingsPro Proxy
1.9 MB
Manual v3.0 Aug 02, 2021 Aug 02, 2021
Tech Note: Enabling Configurable Data Transmission With Moxa IIoT Gateways
1.5 MB
Tech Note v1.0 Jul 08, 2021 Jul 08, 2021

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