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Case Study

Enabling Multiple Applications on a Unified TSN Network


  • A global leading manufacturer of industrial machinery wanted to aggregate multiple applications into its CNC machines.
  • To achieve more scalable, accelerated sensing and improved machine control, the laser and machine control systems needed to be integrated seamlessly.
  • Due to the use of different proprietary networks, integrating the networks and maintaining the components required substantial effort, especially when the machinery was shipped abroad.

System Requirements

  • The machinery needed to run on a built-in unified TSN network to enhance scalability and efficiency, as well as to create a unified environment for integrating different proprietary networks.
  • Networking devices should be reliable, compact, and support Gigabit speeds to facilitate the integration of industrial cameras and the seamless transfer of large volumes of data.

Moxa Solution

To ensure seamless integration and optimal performance, the following solutions were implemented:

  • The TSN-G5008 full Gigabit managed Ethernet switch connected multiple remote I/Os, delivering deterministic communication to the servo drivers to enable critical machine control.
  • The TSN-G5008 switch connected remote I/Os to the machine vision cameras to feed information back to the industrial PC. Previously, carrying critical data over the same wire was impossible because of limitations of traditional Ethernet standards.
  • The compact TSN-G5008 switch fitted perfectly in the space-constrained machinery, simplifying efforts for engineers to integrate all components on the network.

CNC machines

With the standard Ethernet TSN infrastructure, the manufacturer can now leverage unprecedented potential to produce advanced machinery.

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